About Us


We are about helping you revolutionize the way you manage your business by using Voice of the Customer (VOC) data.

We understand that you rely on information to run your business, and that the speed of acquiring and the quality of this information can have a dramatic impact on your customer satisfaction levels and costs to provide your service.

We’ve spent decades solving problems related to organizations’ survey needs

By building and managing innovative surveys for organizations of all sizes we’re experts in the methods, questions, marketing, and reporting that will work best to accomplish your customer experieince objectives.

Core beliefs guide our company and the work we do on behalf of our clients:

  1. Providing excellent client service is paramount to everything we do
  2. Information is the key enabler, allowing clients to make better, more informed business decisions
  3. Excellence=Effort + Knowledge + Focus

In todays competitive market, companies gain a competitive advantage by listening to the customer. Customer service is the leading driver of business success.  So if you decide to pursue business success and gain a competitive advantage, you will have to understand the voice of customer.  Let Amptiva guide your way.