Analyze & Forecast


Gathering actionable insight from your customer feedback is critical to a successful customer experience campaign.  This information provides your organization with the necessary information to make market correction which, in turn, drive profitability.   With Amptiva’s CX Dashboard, survey feedback, along with other metrics, can be compiled and reported graphically so that your organization can easily determine trends and market perception.  In addition, smart notifications can be created on any data element or trend so that issues can be addressed in real-time.  This powerful, secure, web-based platform becomes the hub for your customer experience solution.



  1. Role based

  2. Web based

  3. Supports data element “drill-downs”

  4. Smart notifications

  5. Ability to design custom reports

  6. Maintain historical data for trend analysis

  7. Create data formulas

  8. Custom home page

  9. Graphical representation of data

CX Main1.PNG

Graphical Representation of data

Correlate key drivers and analyze trends

CX DrillDown.PNG

Drill Downs

Click to drill-down to data elements that make-up values

Use your customer’s voice to make market predictions that keep you competitive.