CX Solution


With our AI powered role-based CX Platform you can focus on the data that matters

With the proven importance that a comprehensive Customer Experience(CX) program has on an organizations profitability and market position – the question is no longer when but how to adopt a successful strategy.  With Amptiva’s boutique style service-based offering, implementing a CX strategy is effortless and powerful.  Our CX Platform includes all of the services and tools to implement a successful Voice of the Customer campaign so you can hear what your customers are saying and learn how to turn customers into promotors.

CX Campaign Management

One of the un-spoken hurdles in establishing a successful VOC campaign, is support and services associated with administering the survey invitation process.  Made up of list management, bulk email and SMS engines, Phone centers and mail processing services, CX Campaign management is essential.  With Amptiva, simply deliver the required invite data and access your Dashboard for results.  Opt-ins, scheduled reminders and data translation services are all included.



CX Dashboard

Built as a service based offering, Amptiva’s CX Platform is scalable, role based, secure and provides a simple to use interface for viewing strategic data real-time and over the course of a campaign.  Features include custom reports, graphical representation of data, intelligent alerts and a simple to navigate interface.




CX Survey Channels

Using a combination of survey channels such as Email, Text, Phone and IVR, Amptiva works with companies to establish the correct survey method that meets the target requirement – and yes mail surveys still return positive results.




Integrated With Your Data

For a clear insight and understanding of the customer experience, survey data along with other pertinent data should be combined for better analytics.  Using our CX Dashboard, Amptiva is able to aggregate and integrate other data sources such as demographic data, financial metrics and industry benchmarks for a more complete picture.




AI and Text Analytics with Natural Language Processing

A breakthrough in todays technology is the ability to understand more than what customers are telling you in a survey.  With Amptiva’s AI and Natural Language Processing, learning what is being said in blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets can be captured and included with your customer experience campaign.



Turn customer experience data into actionable insight

Collect, Aggregate, Analyze, Take Action