Listening to your customer’s voice unlocks the key to organizational improvement.  It can be as simple as prompting customers for feedback at the end of a transaction, understanding your Net Promoter Score or as complex as verbal engagement after a series of customer support interactions.  In all the rich data gained from customer feedback is essential.  It is therefore important to cast a net over your complete customer bases so that an effective sample set can be retrieved.  For some demographics that would mean phone interaction.  With others it means email or texting.  For some voice of the customer (VOC) campaigns a combination of phone, text and email is best in order to increase the feedback percentage.  With Amptiva, all channels for conducting surveys and retrieving customer feedback are supported.  Amptiva works with you to determine the necessary strategy for an effective VOC campaign that has the highest percent of feedback.  After the correct strategy has been determined, simply supply Amptiva with contact lists and let Amptiva administer the feedback process.


Amptiva's survey services

  1. Survey Design

  2. Survey hosting

  3. Email, Phone, Mail and SMS (text) survey administration

  4. Opt-out and reminder management

  5. Data aggregation

  6. Survey feedback data integration with CX Dashboard


What channel PROVIDES THE best feedback percentage FOR your customer?