Powerful AI


Although rich in meaning and significance, asking customers for their opinion requires a large sample set for meaningful returns.   That’s not to say it’s not necessary, it’s just a process that often has low response rates.   What if you did not need to intrude and could listen without direct contact?  With Amptiva’s powerful artificial intelligence natural language processing engine, listening to social conversations can be captured and presented with traditional customer experience feedback for a more robust view of the customer journey.  Having the ability to interpret a sediment from any web source, this addition to your customer experience solution adds additional value to your data set, so that no remark is left unanswered.


Amptiva’s AI Natural Language Sentiment engine:

1.       Integrated with Amptiva’s CX Dashboard

2.       Capture sentiment value from social media and other online sites

3.       Identify detractors quickly for intervention and remediation

4.      Trend and point analysis to understand product and marketing impact 


Understanding what customers are saying in social media provides a competitive edge to your market position. Listen to the voice of the market!