case study


Customer Experience Dashboard

A technology company that specializes in cutting-edge payment solutions and customer engagement platforms relies extensively on capturing and integrating customer feedback with their product offerings.  In order to provide the service across their portfolio, they required a solution that was secure, scalable and easy to replicate.  After an extensive search of third party offerings, they chose Amptiva because of their service and solution-based platform.  With Amptiva, they are able to setup daily, weekly and quarterly data feeds that contain recipient addresses for online survey invites, demographical data and financial metrics pulled from their customer engagement platform.  The data feeds, along with captured survey results, are then automatically fed into an online reporting dashboard where NPS reports and other important KPI’s are presented. Using a service for administering and managing the survey delivery process has allowed customer service personnel to focus on analyzing the data without the inevitable headaches of trouble shooting the IT back-end processes.   In addition to the combined service and solution offering, Amptiva provided consulting services to assist with survey design and setting up multiple channels for collecting survey data.  As a result, survey responses improved by a 100%,  enriching the entire customer experience program with quantitative results.