case study


Intercept Surveys

A national insurance company that provides personal and commercial insurance products to employees and individuals for auto and home, has a strong commitment to provide the best possible customer service experience to their clients. As quoted by one of their executives"The two main things that insurance companies do are support customers in their time of need and issue checks to pay for covered losses. We're proud to say we're great at both. In fact, we may even be the best in the industry. We certainly try to be. Treating people well is that important to us." Their strong commitment includes a comprehensive customer experience program that starts with listening to their customers. For this to happen, demographical and financial data needs to be combined with survey data and analyzed on a weekly basis. With a need to launch a program quickly and IT resources at a premium, developing a customer experience program required outside assistance. Using Amptiva's VOC services, building and launching a successful data-rich reporting platform takes weeks and not years to launch. Today, critical data such as claims response, close rates, type of coverage, case highlights, key cost indicators and other KPI's happens daily and is made available immediately to allow experts to make meaningful decisions that drive change.